Monday, November 3, 2014


First of all, please vote tomorrow. This is not a “small” election. It’s as critical as the “big” ones. I don’t even like the words “off-year elections.” Every year is “on.”

Three candidates for the IPS school board have been anointed by the Indiana coven of the secretive national organization, Stand for Children (they refuse to say what they have been spending on this election, but it’s a whopper). We have been flooded with expensive flyers from SFC-I, urging us to vote for their three candidates. In our district, that would mean turning out the respected Samantha Adair-White and, across IPS, losing the at-large candidate, the current board chair Annie Roof. There’s a third candidate they are touting for another district.

These three SFC-I choices are praised by the Indy Chamber of Commerce and, in Sunday’s Star, by Matt Tully who wrote so glowingly for years about Tony Bennett. Such “reform” we don’t need!

The collusion? Last week, also in the Star, in an article by Stephanie Wang, both the SFC-I and one of the candidates claimed to have no ties to one another. That’s a lie. The slick flyers have many posed photos by the bought-and-paid-for candidates, with children whose parents probably signed photo releases at the time of the fake-looking, staged photos.

Such deception. And for what? Well, here's one thought: by pulling the strings, the “corporate education” types will tell IPS to sell off many parcels of valuable land to their buddies at an attractive price and hand over schools to their friends’ for-profit corporations for a hefty fee. As always, follow the money.

You know that’s going to happen. Unless you vote in this “big” election.

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