Sunday, December 30, 2012

NRA Is Responsible

When a horrible act is committed by a terrible organization, it has become customary for the group to call the media and "claim responsibility."

The National Rifle Association needs to call the media to take responsibility for the horrors of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

The NRA is a vile, evil organization.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Guns Kill People

They do. The crazed shooter in the "Batman" movie last night may have held the weapon, but if our society did not make it so easy to obtain guns, so easy to carry them (unconcealed or not), this would not have happened.

Will this madness stop? Nope. (1) Scores of small, single-issue gun-control groups not willing to merge into a force strong and big enough to buy politicians, pressure the media, and have the funds and numbers to fight the sick, gigantic NRA. (2) The sick, gigantic NRA. (3) The bought-and-paid-for politicians afraid to stand up to the sick, gigantic campaign contributor. (4) The media that never is heard to say or write, "It's guns, stupid." They wring their hands and ask, "Oh, my, what went wrong?" but they never say, "Guns kill people."

Well, last night, as of this writing, 71 shot, 12 dead. All wounded or killed by a gun.

Wouldn't you think that, somewhere, someday, some politician would stand up and demand the madness end? That somewhere, someday, a member of the media would demand the same?

I don't believe in gun control. I believe in gun abolition. And, if gun owners say, "You'll have to take my gun out of my cold, dead hand," I have to ask, "What's the downside?"