Monday, October 3, 2011

Indiana is a Police State - Sad, but True

In response to a shocking 4-1 decision by the Indiana Supreme Court, allowing police to bust into our homes, without a warrant or probable cause, I wrote the following letter - it appeared in The Indianapolis Star, with a couple of minor edits.

The "deadly silence" remains. Hello? Hello? Tea Party? Others who denounce "big government"? Where are you?

Dear Editor:

I hear a deadly silence from those who are so loudly opposed to “Big Government” – if they really know what that means – when it comes to the Indiana Supreme Court’s 4-1 decision that seems to weaken, if not outright nullify, our rights under the 4th Amendment. It’s time for the Tea Party, Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats – and those who have given up hope and never vote – to rise up against this unconstitutional decision.  This defines Big Government/Big Brother.

Shame on Chief Justice Randall Shepard and Justices Frank Sullivan Jr., Brent Dickson, and Steven David. Only Robert Rucker, the sole African American member of the court, opposed this frightening decision. One shouldn’t have to be of his race to recall how violent our history of police brutality has been – and continues to be – in this state and country, particularly if you do not belong to the “correct” racial and/or socio-economic groups.

While your editorial (“Door’s open for police entry,” September 22) points out that the state’s highest court cannot take away such rights, their disturbing decision make it necessary for me to try to defend those rights by kicking and shoving any police who are now allowed to force their way into my home. Courageous men and women in this country have long refused to obey unjust court decisions and state and federal laws. Once again:  Citizens, to the ramparts!

I have lived overseas under five police states. It appears, to my horror, that I am now living under a sixth:  Indiana.